How to End up in Consumers’ Baskets

Branding is a popularity contest.

Quite naturally, being popular means everything to us and probably you as well. It’s the thing we constantly chase, but it is also an aspect that constantly changes. That makes it fun but also quite challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve created a simple but highly effective recipe to achieve popularity through design. We’ve boiled it down to three steps:

1) Evoke emotions
2) Tell a story
3) Make it pop!

Simple. Challenging. Rewarding, very rewarding.

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Mizone Carbon Smart

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Danone Fjørd

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Trusted Danone Partner Since 2012

Danone and EVERLAND have worked together since 2012. We have collaborated on multiple projects across divisions and markets, including France, the UK, Poland, China, Indonesia and the Nordics.

Together, we have helped execute your strategic goals. We have turned good products into popular brands.

Our projects have included everything from the redesign of Aqua D’Or in Denmark to the impactful creation of a new stand-out multipack design for Evian. Our collaborations have been varied, always challenging and exciting, but most importantly defined by a strong partnership.


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Aqua d'Or

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Meet Our Danone Team

These three guys will be ready to help with anything brand- and designrelated. Perhaps you got a brand puzzle or need a fresh perspective on your brand. Feel free to reach out!

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EVERLAND transform, define and design daring consumer brands of tomorrow.

We clarify your position and amplify your message across touchpoints to help you win.

After all, consumer branding is a popularity contest and only those who make their brand pop will take the prize.