When Competitors Zig, Does Danone Zag?

To beat your competitors, you need to understand them.

It’s branding 101.

Still, it is difficult to get an outside perspective on your own category. To stand out in the category and know what truly resonates with your consumers and the culture your brand is part of.

That’s why we always start a project with a strategic analysis of a brand’s context. We use our tool, the 4Cs, to get a fresh perspective and spot opportunities.

Your context consists of:

  • Company
  • Category
  • Consumer
  • Culture

Scroll down where we explain this further and how you can navigate them.

Mizone Carbon Smart

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Danone Fjørd

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Explore and Understand Your Context

Company – Investigate your existing assets, legacy and brand equity. Which elements do you have at your disposal to build on and develop? Remember, it’s not a walk down memory lane – the focus is on the brand.

Category – Study your competitors when laying your strategic brand foundation. Which trends are growing and fading within the category (and tangential categories), and where is the market heading?

Consumers – Uncover their needs, demands, and tendencies to stay relevant and establish/cement your position in an ever-changing market. Read up on what they are reading, watching, enjoying, consuming and so on.

Culture – Ask yourself, where are we now, and where are we heading? Look for growing or fading social movements. Are there any no-nos or pitfalls regarding action, words, and attitude? Spoiler: there always is. And yes, this ‘culture’ also applies to your category.

But there’s so much more! For you, we’ve got a free book on repositioning, a  simple read but essential for business and brand thinking. Get it at the bottom.

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Our projects have included everything from the redesign of Aqua D’Or in Denmark to the impactful creation of a new stand-out multipack design for Evian. Our collaborations have been varied, always challenging and exciting, but most importantly defined by a strong partnership.


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Learn to Zag When Others Zig

Your brand lives in a context like all others. So when things shift, you must respond to remain distinct. To zag when others zig.

We’ve condensed our collective knowledge into a book. It’s an easy read with a lasting impact.

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