Aalborg Jule Akvavit 2017. Straight Out of Aalborg.

For more than 30 years, Arcus have made a special Christmas aquavit with its own look and feel in collaboration with different Danish artists from the northern part of Jutland. This year, Arcus looked to the streets of Aalborg for inspiration.

The uncrowned king of graffiti in Aalborg, Lars Pank made the illustration for this year’s Christmas aquavit.

“My greatest joy at Christmas is this collective creativity, where everyone cares to cut and paste, decorate and delight others,” Lars Pank says. “In principle, it is, in fact, the same joy and creativity that lies behind street art.” Pank’s motive is a tribute to this moment once a year, “where all senses open and enjoyment feels fully deserved”.

“Lars Pank’s unique drawing was a great opportunity to show another side of Aalborg and Christmas”, Mikael Tonning, Design Director, adds. “The design is less knitted socks and more street. But we made sure to keep the feeling of Christmas.”

Enjoy the limited edition Xmas akvavit over the holidays or keep it as a collectible.