Again & Again. New 100% Recycled Aqua d’Or Bottle.

Aqua d’Or is on a quest to become the most sustainable water brand in Denmark. Now, their best-selling SKU, the 0,5L bottle, is made from 100% recycled plastics. A significant move with a great impact.

This is part of their journey towards reducing their environmental impact. A strategy that also involves two other important goals.

By 2021, all Aqua d’Or’s bottles are to be made entirely from recycled plastics. By 2022, they aim to collect and reuse the same amount of plastic waste that will be used for bottles from 2022 onwards.

All these initiatives go hand in hand with parent company Danone’s global circularity vision. The FMCG giant is working towards having all its brands use 100% circular packaging by 2025.

Here at Everland, we’re proud to collaborate with the world’s largest B-Corporation and push the agenda. Last year, we helped Aqua d’Or launch their first product, the 1,25L bottle, made from 100% rPET, and now, we are happy to continue the collaboration for the new, smaller bottle.

Furthermore, last year, we helped Danone’s Indonesian water brand AQUA design a more easily recycled bottle. By embossing the artwork, we improved recyclability and saved a huge amount of plastics by making a label redundant.