Aqua d’Or Sparkles. Happiness in a Bottle.

Aqua d’Or beams of activity. In February, the Danish water brand by Danone set a new record with a market share of 13,7 per cent. With the new Sparkles extension, Aqua d’Or builds on their momentum with new bubbles in the range.

Everland has been deeply involved in developing the new Sparkles series – from naming and positioning to design and campaign materials – with text and social media campaign cooperation between us and advertising agency Another.

The new Sparkles design is a colourful and refreshing extension of the current Aqua d’Or brand universe, which Everland is also responsible for. As a whole, it unites Aqua d’Ors purity with Sparkles’ playful and dynamic design language.

“Not only did Everland buy into our vision for the Aqua d’Or brand restage, but they added to it and put a face on it. And what a face! Everland made Aqua d’Or move from generic bottles of water to genuine objects of desire. The designers managed to capture the essence of the brief to deliver a bold yet simple, pure, and functional solution, in the very tradition of Danish design. The impact on consumers and sales was almost immediate”
— Romain Jolivet, Marketing Director at Danone, Nordic Markets.

Aqua d’Or Sparkles comes in five different flavours – one for every taste bud. And with its zero calories, natural colours and flavours it is not only the design that sets it apart from the rest of the soda competition.

“The Sparkles series is a colourful, bubbly and conscious choice for the Danish soda market. Less childish without being dull”, adds Mikael Tonning, Design Director at Everland.