Breakfast Club at Everland. Design That Sparks Happiness.

Choosing a product sometimes feel natural. It’s like you don’t even think about it. Whether you’re at a rock concert or family dinner, you choose differently and often the choice isn’t hard to make.

Design’s most prominent task is to create these ‘common sense’ moments. Engaging brand experiences that suit the cultural context, a brand’s natural position and consumers’ self-perception.

Strong brands aren’t only about understanding the general needs of the consumers. Rather, it is about being the most relevant at the point of purchase and consumption. Being the festive buddy, healthy alternative, the romantic surprise or a rebellious statement.

On June 20, Everland invites for a cup of coffee and talks about the tendencies and reflections brands should address when they look to translate their promise into design.

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Who’s talking?

Laurits Brückner Jensen and Oliver Borg von Bülow from Kontrapunkt and Everland’s own Mikael Tonning.
Laurits and Oliver will be sharing their thoughts on the transformation of stores from sales channels to showrooms. They’ll share some of their work for AIAIAI, Rezet and Libratone.

Mikael will be talking about the design trends that currently define the FMCG market. With a focus on packaging design and product identity, he will give insights from his work with some of Denmark’s biggest and most iconic brands.

Both talks will be in Danish.

Get your ticket right here through Eventbrite.