Expanding the Partner Group. Welcome to Carl Johan Larsson.

Following a strategy revision and a growing demand from international clients, the Partner group now proudly includes Everland’s Creative Director, Carl Johan Larsson.

The Swedish designer joined Everland a little over a year ago as a Design Lead. Ever since, his experience and creativity have lifted our work, resulting in strong conceptual solutions that work across cultures and countries.

“With our ambition to define and design the sustainable brands of tomorrow, we are glad to strengthen our management team with Carl Johan and welcome him as a Partner. His experience and creativity have been a great asset to our company – resulting in impactful brands that excel internationally.”
— Thomas Gamst, CEO & Founding Partner.

By bringing Carl Johan’s conceptual mind to the table, we strengthen and signal the importance of design-led and creative problem-solving. He will continue to bring his decades of experience into play with our international projects and prepare us for an exciting future.

The Partner group at Everland now consists of Thomas Gamst (CEO & Founding Partner), Mikael Tonning (Executive Design Director & Founding Partner), Ronnie Erik Greve (Executive Client Director & Founding Partner), Christian Moe Halsted (Executive Strategy Director & Founding Partner) and Carl Johan Larsson (Creative Director & Partner).