Goodness of Life.

In Indonesia, water is not just water. It is so much more, and considered ‘the source of goodness and bringer of life’. Add to this, that AQUA is one of the most loved brands in all of Indonesia, which makes meddling with the design no easy task.

As such, every effort is made to ensure that AQUA always offers health-focused water in eco-friendly glass bottles. The design highlights the local attributes and tells a story of ‘returning and protecting’ the stunning and beautiful local scenery, which is indeed providing such overwhelming goodness. In Indonesia, water really is not just water. It’s like they say:

Kebaikan Hidup! (Goodness of Life)

“Through many successful and launched projects, Everland has proven to be capable in understanding, supporting and manifesting AQUA’s brand vision through selection of meaningful designs. Everlands understanding in both global creative trend and local-customary are showcased in their artwork, and in this AQUA’s recent sustainable packaging project.” — Romie Johanes, Marketing Innovation Director at Danone Indonesia