Here’s to Hard Work and Ambition: Silje, Sofia and Emilie are Rising in the Ranks

Emilie has been here for 2+ years, and Silje and Sofia for 1+ years. But thinking back, it feels like it’s been much longer. As the saying goes, times fly by when in great company. And working side by side with Emilie, Silje and Sofia has certainly been so.

“A promotion is right when it comes naturally. Emilie, Silje and Sofia have exceeded any expectations we’ve had. And, it sounds like our clients agree with us”, adds Thomas Gamst, CEO and Founding Partner at EVÉRLAND. “So, it’s a joy to continue this collaboration as we, together, build out EVÉRLAND regionally and internationally.”

So, to sum up, Emilie Aagreen has been promoted to Client Director & Team Leader. Silje Haukaas takes the role of Client & Operations Director, and Sofia can write Designer & Illustrator in her resumé.