Mou-ther’s Recipe. Warm, good-natured, and home-cooked.

A significant shift happened in society when moms left the kitchen and entered the job market. The workforce doubled, but it meant no one was at home doing household chores. Especially cooking became a scarce commodity in everyday life. Vera and Sigurd Mou predicted the need for convenience. They realised, there was a shortage of home-cooked meals that were pre-cooked, but would feel, look, and taste like the real deal. The answer was soup.

Shortly after, pots were boiling in Mou’s tiny butcher shop. Word travelled fast, and soon people started queuing up in front of the store. People were simply craving the soup. One thing was the delicious taste; another was the shortcut to a wholesome family dinner.

Today, Vera and Sigurd’s kitchen still has the sweet aroma of delicious soup. New and old soup recipes are still cooking, and thriving. Mou is ready to help families with a convenient, delicious meal. Wrapped in a new brand identity, every pack of Mou reflects the story of how it all began. It explains to the consumer why Mou is more than just a soup; it’s a warm, good-natured, home-cooked meal