Partnering with Plastic Change.

Plastic has been a defining part of consumer culture for too long. If we need to stop it from defining our future, we must change our plastic usage for better. To help us push the sustainable agenda, Everland has proudly partnered with Danish environmental NGO Plastic Change. Together, we’ll be able to contribute to the development of a more responsible consumer brand landscape that will ask less of our planet and more of the companies.

“As an agency, we want to ask less from the world and more from brands. This requires us to help these brands create sustainable businesses – not only in terms of the environment but also regarding society and business. It is a step towards our ambition of designing sustainable solutions for brands who knows the commercial value and sustainable business aren’t mutually exclusive,” adds Thomas Gamst, CEO and Founding Partner at Everland.

Plastic Change works internationally to educate on better usage of plastics. By collaborating with politicians, companies, scientists and organisations, Plastic Change inspires and creates change. The vision is a future where plastic is sustainable and enters a circular economy.

“In 2017, 322 million tonnes of plastic were produced worldwide and it is expected to quadruple by 2050. There is an urgent need for sustainable solutions that can reduce plastic production and waste. That is why we’re excited to partner up with Everland on developing better packaging solutions that can be part of a circular economy,” adds Hans Henrik Heming, Head of Corporate Funding at Plastic Change.

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