Strengthening Strategic Design with Promotions for Rikke, Jonathan and Jin

Fresh and experienced perspectives on design are getting a well-deserved promotion here at EVERLAND. We’re excited to share the news of three creative designers who will all get a job title update! Rikke Hatlo and Jonathan Faust now hold the position of Design Director, and Jin Fujiwara is promoted to Design Lead.

“It’s a joy to work with our talented EVERLAND family. Having Rikke, Jonathan and Jin continue taking on greater design responsibilities was the right move to strengthen our creative deliveries, and ensure we keep defining and designing the best consumer brand”, adds Mikael Tonning, Executive Design Director & Founding Partner at EVERLAND

Rikke Hatlo is spearheading our Norwegian design team. She joined us in 2021 when we opened up in Oslo, and she has since been focusing on our comprehensive work for REMA 1000.

Jin Fujiwara joined EVERLAND in 2018. Working at our Copenhagen office, he has been delivering outstanding designs for clients like Danone, Carlsberg and Orkla Foods.

Finally, Jonathan Faust has been part of our agency even before we defined ourselves as Everland. Since 2016, his attention to detail and creative craftsmanship has been crucial for Tuborg Squash, Aqua d’Or, Læsk and Syngja.

Congratulations on the promotion, everybody!