Rema 1000 Adapts to an Explosive Demand Within Plant-Based Products.

Today, people are not just shoppers; they are conscious consumers: what ends up in their shopping basket is not only a matter of price but also about sustainability and health. Consumers shop in part to benefit the environment, and in part to stay healthier.

Plant-based alternatives are on the rise. Last year, plant-based beverages (e.g. oat milk) were one of the fastest-growing categories in Denmark, according to market research company Nielsen.

REMA 1000 in Denmark are listening closely to consumer demand and acting accordingly. The result is a new range of plant-based products under the name “Plantekøkkenet” (Danish for “Plant Kitchen”). This private label brand will bring plant-based alternatives to the people, starting with six plant-based milk-alternatives.

The new sub-brand stays true to its roots, tied nicely together with REMA 1000’s overarching ambition to deliver “Discount with a Purpose”, especially regarding responsibility towards sustainability and health. We helped define the brand and design for all of the new products.

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