REMA 1000 Joins the Fight Against Food Waste.

Globally, one-third of all food is wasted. Understandably, responsible consumption and production are of great importance to the consumers and companies. Even the EU has it as a top priority. Fortunately, an increasing number of companies are joining the fight to reduce food waste. One of them is the Danish supermarket chain REMA 1000.

Through the years, REMA 1000 has launched many initiatives to combat food waste. Among others, reducing the size of portions and ending bulk discounts. They have partnered with Danish food companies to show that food still tastes good even though it doesn’t look picture perfect.

The new series, “End Food Waste”, sells food that would otherwise be discarded. To share this important message and give it the impact it deserves, we helped design the concept.
It’s meaningful communication that reflects the existing values of the REMA 1000 brand.

Join the fight! The new series is already in stores across Denmark.