Surfing the AI Revolution: Take Control, Nurture Creativity

Flavours, marketing, packaging, illustration and naming. It’s hard not to get swept away by the headlines around AI. Coca-Cola has repeatedly used AI to create new flavours like Cherry Sprite, Orange Vanilla Coke and most recently, Y3000. Also, Swiss cola maker Viva Kola recently combined ChatGPT, Midjourney and Unreal Engine to develop a new product from the ground up – all the way from formulation to packaging – in just two days. Two days!

Both are perfect examples of how AI tools can speed up your process dramatically. As we’ve been swimming in oceans of data, it just got much easier to search for creative pearls. And this is one of its key advantages. When deep into the creative process, it’s beneficial for iterating and exploring possibilities. Like, what would a carrot kiwi look like? Or what does bliss look like on a beer can? Or free-range piglets in a fantasy forest?

Bringing far-out ideas together can spark new ones, which is where AI tools come in handy. They can take you from one creative universe to another in no time, but it is also when things get tricky, and you need a process that guides you with just the right boundaries.

Here at EVERLAND, AI is another tool in our belt. Whether it’s for copywriting, visual conceptualisation or Photoshop work, we implement it into our process when it meets our standard of quality and security and, most importantly, assists our creativity.

Help Yourself with These 6 Questions

AI is far from replacing human intuition and feelings, which are essential to branding. Knowing this fact should influence your input and how you view the output. Be critical. Let yourself be inspired, but don’t let it dictate you and your brand. And don’t forget about the ethics and security involved with AI.

Ask yourself these questions to guide your creative process:

  1. Which ideas can we bring together and benefit from using AI?
  2. Which movement in the culture and among consumers does this resonate with?
  3. Where is the category heading overall?

Ask yourself these questions to validate your ideas

  1. How does this idea fit with my brand?
  2. What is the longevity of this idea?
  3. What is the commercial potential of this idea, short-term? Long-term?