Third in a Row. Two Partners and One Talent Featured on The M List 2021.

The excitement and honour are great, as three “Everlanders” have been included on The M List 2021, published by the Danish Marketing Association. Well done, CEO Thomas Gamst, Strategy Director Christian Halsted and Brand Strategist Julie Elander!

Those featured on The M List have shown abilities, ambitions and delivered results that elevate the industry. In total, 200 people within the Danish marketing industry are celebrated for these competencies.

“In a year dominated by C19, I couldn’t be more proud to have taken part in growing Everland with 10+ new colleagues, win exciting new clients, do some proper value-adding brand and design work and punch way above our weight on the international scene”, Christian Halsted comments on the announcement.

Find the entire M List 2021 right here. It’s in Danish.