Two Partners, Once Again, Featured on The M List 2022

Every year, Danish Marketing Association publishes The M List. A collection of people who have shown abilities, and ambitions and delivered results that elevate the industry. In total, 200 people within the Danish marketing industry are celebrated for these competencies.

Quite naturally, we’re excited and honoured to once again have two EVERLANDers featured on the list. It’s our CEO, Thomas Gamst, and Strategy Director, Christian Halsted.

“Looking back at another year, it’s truly amazing to see what we’ve accomplished. A growing team, new offices in Norway and Sweden, and exciting new clients. All thanks to an amazing EVERLAND team. Can’t wait to see what the new year has in stall for us,” Christian Halsted comments on the announcement.

Find the entire M List 2022 right here. It’s in Danish.