Upgrading the Board with a Norwegian Expert

Our first year in Norway went by so quickly. And a growing office and new exciting clients make the coming years even more exciting. To ride the momentum and strengthen our agency, we are glad to welcome Anne Marie Brady to the EVERLAND board.

“We’re happy to welcome Anne Marie to our board. Her experience and knowledge of the Norwegian market are instrumental in strengthening our position as Scandinavia’s leading consumer brand agency,” adds Thomas Gamst, CEO & Founding Partner at EVERLAND.

A Fresh Perspective on the Board

Anne Marie Brady is a known and experienced person in the Norwegian agency industry. She has previously held positions like CMO and CEO at various companies and agencies. Currently, she works as a special advisor at Innosvjan Norge, helping Norwegian companies position themselves internationally.

“EVERLAND has a strong track record internationally and here in Scandinavia. I look forward to helping strengthen their position in the Norwegian market and exploring growth opportunities moving forward. They have a unique combination of competencies, creating value for consumer brands,” comments Anne Marie Brady, Board Member at Everland

Growing Agency and Booming Pipeline

It’s only been 14 months since we opened our Norwegian office, but it’s been full steam ahead. REMA 1000, Scandza, Anora, Ringnes and Kolonihagen are just a few of the companies we’re currently working with. On top of that, our local team has grown to six people, and we are still hiring to keep up with the demand.

As of today, the EVERLAND board consists of Simon Bolton (Chairman of the Board), Aura Botorog (Vice Chairman of the Board), Anne Marie Brady (Board Member), Thomas Gamst (Founding Partner), Christian Halsted (Founding Partner), Philip Linnemann (Kontrapunkt Group) and Ole Kruuse (Employee Representative).