Aalborg Akvavit

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With a visually incoherent portfolio, Aalborg Akvavit asked EVERLAND to upgrade the packaging design to make sure that it matches the quality of the products.

Raising the value perception while still emphasising the schnapps’s historic roots dating back to 1846, the task was all about highlighting the brand essence of fine craftsmanship through a careful restoration process.

Leaving the iconic Maltese cross untouched, we focused instead on refining the artwork of the original crown to manifest Aalborg’s role as purveyors to the royal Danish court. Keeping references to the company’s iconic signage and the original taffel logo, the typeface is designed in a characteristic serif that pays tribute to various periods within Denmark’s typographic history.

For the first time in a hundred years, the label’s iconic medals have been artworked in a way that combines tradition and modernity. As a result, the products altogether now make for a unified portfolio to be rolled out internationally to create a synergy effect while at the same time cutting production costs for the various label’s applied to the different bottles.

DDB Copenhagen and New Land combined their skills to create a narrative showcasing the Aalborg Akvavit products in the most beautiful way. All film credits belong to them.

The design won two bronze awards at Creative Circle in 2016 for the packaging design and rebranding.