Aalborg Akvavit

Re(de)fining an

Schnapps is an integral part of Danish culture, especially during Easter and Christmas. At every Danish dinner table, you’ll find little schnapps glasses, ready for cheering. As one of the truly original schnapps makers, Aalborg Akvavit has distilled and refined spirits since 1846. However, the packaging design just didn’t match the quality and history of the iconic schnapps.

Aalborg Akvavit asked us to upgrade the looks and visually align their portfolio. We focussed on highlighting the brand essence of fine craftsmanship through a careful restoration process.

Preserving the Heritage

Leaving the iconic Maltese cross untouched, we refined the artwork of the original crown instead. This was to manifest Aalborg’s role as purveyors to the Danish royal court. Keeping the reference to the company’s iconic signature and the original taffel logo, the typeface was designed in a characteristic serif font that pays tribute to various periods within Denmark’s typographic history. A bit nerdy, we know.

Revised Design, After a Century

For the first time in a hundred years, the label’s iconic medals have been done in a way that combines tradition and modernity. As a result, the products altogether now make for a unified portfolio to be rolled out internationally to create a synergy effect while at the same time cutting production costs for the various labels applied to the different bottles.

The design won two bronze awards at Creative Circle in 2016 for the packaging design and rebranding.

DDB Copenhagen and New Land combined their skills to create a narrative showcasing the Aalborg Akvavit products in the most beautiful way. All film credits belong to them.