Andersen. Danish Traditions, Japanese Perfection.

What began as a love story is today a global bakery success. In 1959 the Japanese baker, Shunsuke Takaki, came to Copenhagen. He fell in love with the Danish mentality and Danish baking tradition. On his return home Mr. Takaki became the first person in Japan to begin producing Danish pastries, cakes and bread from original Danish recipes. Today Andersen is one of Japan’s largest bakeries, serving Danish bread and pastry to the Japanese public. Several Andersen bakeries have also opened in Copenhagen, where it all began. This means the Danes today enjoy their own traditional baked goods perfected by the Japanese.

Everland has created their distinctive logo and packaging, and have been their design partner on several projects through Kontrapunkt Group. The design takes cues from the Danish design tradition but in a distinct, subtle and minimalistic way.  A fusion of Danish heritage and Japanese perfection.

To differentiate the brand in the market we emphasize the brand’s Danish roots in Japan, and play with the Japanese influence in Denmark.