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AQUA is fully committed to protecting nature. Today, AQUA has 21 protected sources in 19 volcanoes and a goal of collecting more plastic than it uses by 2025. As the #1 bottled water in Indonesia, the brand has a triple protection rule: protect its water source, preserve the mineral content, and ensure sustainable production.

Bottles made from bottles.

AQUA recently launched a bottle made from 100% recycled plastic. This was launched alongside the #BijakBerplastik educational campaign to maximise effort and minimise harm to the environment. The powerful synergy between ambition and action can cause a ripple effect and inspire millions of Indonesians to be plastic wise.

A sustainable design.

While doing good is essential, showcasing your good work is equally important. Hence, the design of the bottles instinctively needs to convey the whole story. With a pure design, all unnecessary details have been removed as the essentials are amplified. Indonesia’s volcanoes are embossed on the bottle to show the origin of the water. The classic recycle symbol is transformed into a subtle ripple effect with design references to the logo. However, the iconic bottles in their entirety become tangible proof of AQUA’s dedication to a sustainable future. It’s not just a new water design. It’s down to the bare essentials, no colours, no sleeve, no gimmicks – just a brand’s ambition to do good.

“We really love the design from EVÉRLAND! It encapsulates everything we are doing as a brand and as a company. Because we are market leaders, consumers look to us and expect great things. With this design, we are well on our way to communicate all the good we are doing, and hope to inspire others to take on the same approach.”

Ethan Lim, VP of Marketing at Danone-AQUA