Outside the Box

Deliverables: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Name, Design, Artwork

IF Design Award 2024 Winner, The Dieline Awards 2023 Silver, FAB Awards 2023 Silver Winner, Pentawards 2023 Bronze Winner, The Dieline Feature, Brand New Feature,

Since 2018, The Syrup Co. has developed high-quality syrups for bars, cafés and restaurants. But they don’t deliver a product per se; they give flavour, adding just the right taste. Familiar ingredients combined with unique infusions of teas and herbs, resulting in syrups like you’ve never experienced before.

However, as their flavours gained popularity and product range expanded, a fresh perspective was needed. A new strategic platform, a new name(!), and a matching brand identity to reflect their progressive attitude.

Enter; BITE.

A Lot More Bite

​​BITE’s new brand encapsulates its metamorphosis from supplier to explorative frontrunner and creator of beverages. The new strategic framework and identity help boost confidence and ambitions. It’s the rebirth of a company with an entirely different attitude. One with a lot more bite.

The new brand design conveys BITE’s genuinely playful and progressive character through tasty colour combinations, an eclectic logotype and powerful yet simple communication. It works across media, from Instagram to cardboard boxes. We helped BITE transition from glass bottles to boxes as the company tries to be mindful of its environmental impact. Another proof of how BITE, today, is considered to be a creative partner rather than a white-label supplier.

It’s Hip to Be Square

BITE seeks to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible. Transitioning from glass bottles to a bag-in-box solution enabled BITE to achieve just that without compromising on the quality and safety of its syrups. The cardboard boxes make transportation and storage much easier while saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. Bag-in-boxes have a 90% lower carbon footprint compared to glass bottles. On top of that, a bag-in-box, which weighs 7 kg, contains the same amount of syrup as about 100 kilograms of glass bottles. From January to November 2022, BITE saved 1.6 million soft drinks and soda glass bottles using bag-in-boxes instead.

As it is said, “the best way to manage waste is to not create it.”

“Our old identity and name most definitely restricted us. People needed to know that we are much more than just syrup. EVERLAND pinned down the essence of us, and now BITE functions as our guiding star – internally and externally.”

Patrik Drobny, CEO at BITE

“Helping The Syrup Co. become BITE is the kind of brand transformation we love. They are bound to take a disruptive role in the on-trade market as a new gastronomical beverage brand with a strong, sustainable profile and some really exciting products.”

Jonathan Faust, Design Director at EVERLAND