Carlsberg 175 Years

Salute to
Craft and Curiosity

Deliverables: Packaging Design

175 years. Nearly two centuries of curiosity and commitment to the craft. Carlsberg’s unquenchable thirst for progress has taken them from a small local craft brewery in 1847’s Copenhagen to a global brewery with a state-of-the-art research laboratory. Such achievements require proper celebration.

Pushing the Hop

The brewmasters at Carlsberg Research Laboratory are tirelessly exploring the taste possibilities in beer. And what better way to celebrate Carlsberg’s anniversary than with a series of limited-edition beers to broaden our tastebuds’ horizons. In the spirit of founder J.C. Jacobsen, the first launch is a Brut Beer with flavours of yuzu, grape and rose water.

A Story From the Laboratory

The sparkly, dry and smooth Brut Beer is brewed with passion in a scientific fashion. It is a fitting homage to all the skilled brewers at Carlsberg. Inspired by their laboratory, we created a modular design system engraved and embossed on the label. Of course, signed by the responsible brewmaster, an elegant nod to Carlsberg’s founder and his craftsman spirit.