Working on
a Hop

​Working with Danish brewery giant Carlsberg for more than 15 years, we have had the privilege to help design, implement and launch hundreds of products. Most recently we have helped implement the new masterbrand design, reposition Carlsberg on the German market, breathe new life into the Black Gold pilsner and developed the highly anticipated 1883.

Black Gold

From the cool cat of beers to an overlooked lager in the Carlsberg range, Black Gold needed to tell its story through a visual makeover to revive its relevance. Paying homage to the historic Black Gold bottles and the Danish “The Night is Black as Gold” campaign, we designed a darker than dark can that reflects the intensity of the product brand and the bold and more full-bodied pilsner experience.

Since launching the design back in 2017, the sales of Black Gold has increased by 45% in Sweden.


In 2017, Carlsberg celebrated their laboratory’s 140-year anniversary with the release of a limited edition beer, Rebrew. Carlsberg carefully extracted yeast from the first beer ever to be made on pure yeast in 1883 to create the Rebrew. The successful experiment resulted in a decision to launch a lager on the Danish market made on the original yeast and original recipe.

Carlsberg and EVERLAND worked closely together to develop a name and design that uses the past as a catalyst into the future. We examined the history of the beer labels. From the red and yellow brand colours to Bindesbøll’s hop-inspired logo. The site of the brewery in Valby to the proud signature of the brewer himself. The result is a homage to the past, yet adapted to Carlsberg’s modern-day portfolio.

”Combining an old 19th-century design with today’s Carlsberg policies aren’t easy. You need to keep the respect of the old first version while still showing this is a Carlsberg of today. I think EVERLAND have delivered very strong design for us. It has the right respect for history, it contains standout, – and most importantly – it is simply beautiful.”

– Jeppe Boel, Senior Marketing Manager at Carlsberg DK

Carlsberg Germany Can

To lift the product experience and increase shelf stand-out, EVERLAND and Carlsberg Germany looked to give the can a new refreshed facing by distilling the purity and quality of the product in a minimalistic and refined expression.

The design evolution balanced out the descriptive elements and emphasised the hop leaf as a principal icon in a new temporary design.

The design is a manifestation of the brewery’s ambition to continuously improve the Carlsberg experience. With a custom hopleaf pull tap, matte colours and distinct clean look, the can represents the beer’s uniqueness and communicates the brand’s pioneering craft beer heritage.