From Fast-Food
to Homemade

Deliverables: Brand Repositioning, Brand Platform, Brand Narrative, Tone of Voice, Brand Naming, Visual Identity, Packaging Redesign

Back in 2008, Gorm’s reinvented pizza in Denmark. They turned fast food into a gastronomic experience. Suddenly, pizza was a delicious experience with quality ingredients. A mouth-watering mix of Danish craftsmanship and Italian ingenuity served on organic sourdough with crispy crust; Gorm’s signature move. Today, the pizza revolution has become mainstream, and it’s time for Gorm’s to reinvent itself once again.

One Brand, Many Occasions

Gorm’s is much more than pizzas. First off, you have their renowned social restaurants. Yet, they expanded the concept to pizza bars and pop-up pizza joints and also added many homemade ready-to-cook products. To sustain all these pillars, we needed to create a strategic platform and a flexible design.

Local Restaurants & Cozy Pizza Bars

Every single Gorm’s restaurant is a social experience in its own right. Inspired by the surrounding architecture, and designed to have a good time. It’s your local restaurant where everybody feels at home. In contrast, the pizza bars and pop-up pizza joints are more of a grab-and-go pizza experience. It all comes down to how much time you have, but now both vendors tell the same brand story: homemade food in a local cozy atmosphere.

Whatever the occasion, you can always count on Gorms for a good time and a great experience. The revolution continues, and it has never felt better.

“EVÉRLAND gave us an invaluable outside-in perspective. And through a great collaborative process, we felt safe and comfortable pushing ourselves. Their strategic thinking and outstanding design have given us the tools to strengthen our business and brand moving forward.”

Malene Bolvig, Head of Business Development at Gorm’s