Power to
the People

One of the pillars of the 60ies hippie movement was living in harmony with nature. A decade later, a counter-culture emerged protesting nuclear energy and advocating for a better future. The same optimism and dedication are found at Hanegal, who in all modesty set out to change the world some 40 years ago.

“We are very proud of the new design which combines both past and future together. Hanegal is a company with a very unique history and legacy that are to be preserved. It was a major task to bridge the heritage and the transformation the company is currently undergoing, in which we convert to produce more plant-based products. EVERLAND was the right choice for this project.”

— Cees Kuypers, Commercial Director & Co-owner of Hanegal.

During all this time, Hanegal has supplied Danish kitchens with organic food without additives. Always challenging the status quo, they are on a never-ending quest for better and tastier meals. Even today, they are pushing the borders of plant-based foods, and plan to convert their portfolios into predominantly plant-based products.

“Together with EVERLAND, we have found a graphical expression that honours Hanegal’s ideological foundation. The design drew inspiration from a strong set of values and the belief that one can change the world. This optimism spans generations – from environmental movements in the 60’ies and 70’ies up till today where young people are out in streets fighting for the climate.”

— Christina Rasmussen, Communications Director at Hanegal

Hanegal is always moving forward. A brand like this needs a visual design that reflects their pioneering spirit. Now, they communicate their trail-blazing mentality and free 70’ies spirit in an original brand universe. This new design combines the revolutionary past with a positive take on the future.