Awakening a True
Swedish Beauty

Deliverables: Brand Platform, Visual Identity, Packaging Design

In an industry infamously obsessed with youth, picture-perfect and miracle promises, few brands have thrived beyond a decade. One of them is Swedish IsaDora, which boasts 40 years, now present in 40 markets. Why? Because IsaDora has something very few have: genuineness. So, we teamed up to make this special ingredient shine through IsaDora’s new brand.

After three months, IsaDora accomplished the following brand objectives in Sweden with its rebranding.


Brand penetration in 2023. Up from 51% last in 2022.


View IsaDora as valuable, up from 16% in 2022.


General likability in 2023. Up from 3.6 in 2022.

Open, Original, Swedish

Being Swedish means a certain low-maintenance of subtle coolness. It’s honest, authentic and empowering. And it’s this moral compass that helps IsaDora stay true, transparent and responsible in everything it does. Ultimately, it is inclusive for everyone to set their own
beauty standards.

It seems obvious now, but getting there had us carefully researching the company, category, culture and the consumers. Along the way, we also learned everything that IsaDora had done way before their competitors. And while the company doesn’t shout its achievements from the rooftops, it’s simply superior, already having done the
better thing for decades. We knew we had to highlight this kind
of noble attitude in the new visual identity for IsaDora.

Honesty and Heritage Expressed

Each element embodies the honesty, no compromise, and timeless grace of the Swedish makeup brand. The logo, now more elegant and balanced with stylish serifs, reflects these qualities compared to the previous version. Multiple typefaces enable eclectic expression, mirroring Scandinavian minimalism. As for the packaging, its colours mirror the products themselves. Why? Because it’s what you do
when every product is a hero you’re proud of.

“We want to redefine beauty. Now, we have the visual branding tools to meet our ambitions and reconnect with a younger audience in a modern way. And this isn’t just superficial instruments but deeply strategic, practical and commercial. They’ll help us be proud of what IsaDora has achieved and continue to strive for as we celebrate all kinds of beauty.”

Felicia Ibsen, Global Marketing Director at IsaDora

Photo credit: Niklas Lindmans Studio