Fine Frozen

Jalm&B was born to challenge the frozen bread category. With a bold ambition, they have set out to bake the best bread possible and make it available in the supermarket freezers.

Patience and expertise are two very important ingredients in making these exquisite loaves of bread and pastries. To communicate their feinschmecker approach to baked goods, we developed the name, visual identity and packaging design for Jalm&B that ensures the proud bakery heritage shines through the crowded freezer counters – and at home too.

The bakery enthusiasts’ Nordic background shines through in their craft so we used this as an inspiration for the design. We made the solution simple and modern, expressing premium frost products with design elements kept to a minimum to fit the retail channel.

Using the same pack across products helped us meet the client’s wish to keep SKU’s at a minimum. Each product is differentiated with a label on uncoated paper. This help with recognisability while keeping the logistics manageable too.

“Jalm&B is not your ordinary bread brand. The transparent packaging design with a frosty finish provides a tactile, high-quality feel that reflects the quality of the bakery inside and stands out in the freezer. It’s modern and sophisticated – exactly what the freezer wasn’t before”

— Mikael Tonning, Executive Design Director & Founding Partner at EVERLAND