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Danish Culture

Deliverables: Brand Repositioning, Communications Platform, Brand Redesign

Denmark is known as a nation with a strong bicycle culture. To cycle is to be Danish, and moving around on a bicycle is so much more than just transportation. It is community, freedom, and the joy of being active. Something Danes of all ages have enjoyed for generations.

Kildemoes is one of the oldest and strongest bicycle brands in Denmark. Such a strong legacy comes with an obligation. Danes simply expect them to uphold, renew, and support the Danish bicycle culture.

Revamped History

Kildemoes’ new design is based on Danish design traditions, being true to its heritage but still with a contemporary look and feel. The logo has been revised, getting a more central role in the brand experience. The design is timeless and highlights the craftsmanship of the product itself. The brighter and more powerful secondary colours give a more modern and contemporary look that shows the renewed energy of Kildemoes.

“Kildemoes is integral to Danish bicycle culture. However, their position has been challenged by new brands and other means of transportation. To remain market leaders, we looked to bring more purpose into the Kildemoes brand. To bring new life into the Danish bicycle culture, promote a life in motion and be the quintessential Danish bicycle.”

Christian Halsted, Strategic Director & Founding Partner, EVÉRLAND

A Life in Motion

Kildemoes is known for Danish design and solid craftsmanship. But they also innovate the category and drive new forms of cycling forward. Lately, they have developed the KOPPLA smart system, including new safety measures controlled via an app. Kildemoes is always looking forward, a reflection of the brand’s tagline: A Life in Motion.

“We chose to work with Everland to help us revise the Kildemoes brand and identity. Everland guided the work through a professional process where our own thoughts were challenged with new eyes and well-thought-out creativity. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the great result will be seen on Denmark's finest bikes.”

Glenn Nygren, Managing Director, Kildemoes