La Vié

From Plants
with Love

Deliverables: Brand Platform, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Instore, POS and Outdoor Material


FAB Awards 2022 Gold Winner, Transform Awards Nordics 2022 Gold Winner, The Dieline Feature, Pentawards Feature, Creative Boom Feature, PRINT Mag Feature, Brand New Feature, It’s Nice That Feature, Transform Magazine Feature,

La Vie is an ambitious French scale-up that specialises in plant-based meat. They are on a mission to unite vegans and meat lovers alike. Unlike other brands in the category, they don’t see themselves as an alternative to meat, but more like the new meat, so there really is no compromise. It’s better for the planet, better for people, and clearly much better for animals.

3x Sales Growth

for the first half of 2023

No. 1

SKU sales in France for plant-based alternatives. Within 18 months of launching.


points of sales across Europe within 18 months of launching.

A Brand Universe Unlike Anything Else.

La Vie wanted an entire brand universe with an identity, a quirky tonality, and a packaging that challenges the category conventions. Something never seen before. Did we mention they were ambitious?

Made From Grass, Not From Ass.

As a bold challenger brand, we needed an illustrative style that matched our warm and edgy tonality. Luckily, we were able to collaborate with the Lithuanian artist and illustrator Egle Zvirblyte. She creates bright, punchy and irreverent work with a strong presence, but it is also relatable and funny. Just what we needed to break with the category and turn some heads.

“It’s a dream come true to create truly bold brands like this. With La Vie it’s either go big or go home. It’s been really fun, really challenging, and really rewarding.”

Carl Johan Larsson, Creative Director & Partner at EVÉRLAND

Eat Bacon, You Pig!

La Vie’s go-to-market product is lardon, small strips of fat plant-based bacon. We invented an entire universe with animal characters for each type of meat. For the first package, we introduce Mr Piggy and the everpresent Hooman, lying and chilling with a bacon pasta dish. It’s colourful, positive, and a true celebration of life!

From Start-up to Stardom!

La Vie had a dream start being the very first start-up with a national listing in Carrefour, France. Shortly after this, La Vie raised a record-high 25 million EUR in funding for further development and international expansion, with famous co-investors and animal lovers like Natalie Portman (Yes, the actress), Eric Melloul (Chairman Oatly) Thibaud Hug de Larauze (CEO back market), Thomas Lodewijk Plantenga (CEO Vinted) and Frédéric Mazzella (CEO BlaBlaCar). One year after the launch, La Vie is available in six European countries, including the United Kingdom, and present in all of France’s supermarkets as well as several restaurant chains, including Burger King. The rest of the story is yet to be written.

Looky Here, Hooman!

Read below why La Vie is rapidly growing in popularity.

La Vie is better for you
33% fewer calories, 60% less fat, 11x less saturated fat, and 15x more fibre.

La Vie is better for the planet
88% less CO2, 82% less water, and 74% less land used. (Blue Horizon Report 2020). 2M tonnes of CO2 saved as of August 2023.

La Vie tastes better than bacon
92% preference over traditional bacon in blind testing at the SIRHA 2021 fair in Lyon.

La Vie harms no animals
A patented recipe that allows La Vie to reproduce what everyone loves about animal meat, only without harming any animals. 90,000 pigs saved by August 2023.

La Vie is generating demand
4,600 distribution partners in Europe and 3,000 restaurants concocting tasty dishes with its products. And in France, La Vie took first place for SKU sales for plant-based alternatives. No wonder, that La Vie has tripled its sales growth for the first half of 2023, up 379% in 2022. Upping weekly unit sales by +144% in the UK between September 2022 and May 2023.

La Vie is award-winning
Best faux bacon product” at World Plant-based Taste Awards, 2021. Gold Prize at Les Trophées de l’alimentation végétale 2021. Special Jury Prize at the Sandwich & Snack Show 2021. Gold at FAB Awards 2022. Gold at Transform Awards Nordics 2022. Two times winner at DNA Awards 2022 in Branding and Packaging Design.

Bon appetit.

“I have worked with many great agencies in my career, but I have never experienced such a high level of conceptual creativity before. EVÉRLAND made the perfect platform for La Vie’s future success.”

Romain Jolivet, CMO & CCO at La Vie