A Thirst-Quenching

Deliverables: Brand Position, Brand Platform, Packaging Design

Two friends set out to change the soft drink industry for good. The mission was simple: Say NO to overly sugary drinks, and YES to the healthier thirst-quenching kombucha. As a small Danish fish, they needed their soft drink brand Læsk to stand out and take on the red ocean of soft drinks. The solution was a clear brand position and a refined design simplifying the complexity of the kombucha drink. Also, we needed to teach the rest of the world how to say ‘Læsk’.

“We realised quite early on that our job was to distil the two founders, Line and Eric, into a packaging design. It sounds weird, but they represent what Læsk is all about. They’re smart, playful, curious, thoughtful and all about living in the now. That’s the recipe for Læsk.”

Christian Halsted, Executive Strategy Director & Founding Partner at EVÉRLAND

Like a family, each Læsk product has its own personality, but remains affiliated to the family. A few design elements make up the brand universe, yet with room for flavour, individuality and collaborations with other manufacturers. The latter has become a central part of the Læsk adventure, and is today paving the way for the thirst-quenching revolution.