Mizoné Carbon Smart

Take Me to the
Clouds Above

Deliverables: Concept Design


Silver at Dieline Awards 2023, Silver at FAB Awards 2023, Bronze at Pentawards 2023, The Brand Identity Feature, The Dieline Feature

Mizone is known as the leading Chinese vitamin drink brand. They successfully talk to China’s youth and share their concerns, interests, and dilemmas. One of the main challenges for the next generation is excessive carbon building up in the atmosphere. The world is getting warmer, but what can a producer of vitamin drinks do about it? Well, quite a lot, it turns out.


at Dieline Awards 2023 in the Concept Category


at FAB Awards 2023 in the Concept Category

Let’s Play Carbon Capture!

Mizone has developed the world’s first-ever “Carbon Smart” concept bottle. The plastic is made from captured CO2, recycled and converted into fuel and chemicals via fermentation. Each “Carbon Smart” bottle produced recycles 6g of carbon. This amazing technological accomplishment needed to be implemented in the bottle, and without words, the design should convey the story of Mizone’s commitment to a cleaner sky.

“We’re so proud of the new Carbon Smart bottle. After countless iterations, we managed to find the right design to tell this engaging and uplifting story. A huge thanks to EVÉRLAND for this creative collaboration.”

Eduardo Lacerda, VP of Marketing at Danone China

Design With an Impact

Together with Mizone, we worked to keep a sleek look on the new bottle. The rounded shapes are kept consequently throughout the process, while the symmetry between the graphic elements and the cloudy gradients are perfectly balanced. It is a way of communicating harmony and nature’s recycling system.

“Having the opportunity to work with such a groundbreaking innovation inspired us to unlock creativity profoundly and differently. The exploration process was when the magic happened. We broke down the concept of a bottle in different poetic ways to build up the final result through material perfection and precise industrial design.”

Jonas Lundin, Concept & Product Director

“We pushed a lot of boundaries to create an interesting design solution. A gradient look combined with the iconic ”cloud”-shaped Mizone bottle conveys the story of carbon capture in a really cool way.”

Carl Johan Larsson, Creative Director & Partner at EVÉRLAND

The Sky Is the Limit

The new MIZONE range is a constant reminder of how MIZONE is pushing an innovative agenda as well as environmental solutions. A Chinese proverb sums up this MIZONE project quite well; the sky is always blue above the clouds. Guess you can make change happen when you have the right attitude and a positive outlook.