The Essence
of Nature.
Quite Literally.

Deliverables: Packaging Redesign


Creative Circle Awards 2019 Silver.The Dieline Feature, Creative Boom Feature

Naturfrisk was founded in 1997. Long before the ecological movement, and way before anyone labelled their products as ‘organic’. Basically, this brand was ahead of its time, and are today the proud supplier of juices and soft drinks that are made ‘like the good old days’.

The new design encaptures just that: the wild nature, the natural process, the mindset of working with wildlife on nature’s premise. A truly sustainable mindset is not to exploit nature but working in harmony with one another and balancing the in- and output.

This is visualized in the new range of soft drinks, where branches and leaves are circling the etiquette. It bears witness to the organic and respectful approach that permeates this company from production to design. If everyone was so authentic and sustainable in their approach, the world would be a very different place.

The new design won silver at the Creative Circle Award 2021.