In Harmony
with Nature

Those four words have been the motivating principle ever since Naturfrisk was founded in 1997. This was long before the ecological movement gained momentum, and before anyone labelled their products as ‘organic’. Even so, the Danish beverage brand was on a thirst-quenching quest to bring high-quality and tasty organic soft drinks to the people!

As time went by, the demand for organic products increased. Today, a whole new generation of consumers demands organic products as well as sustainable production. Naturfrisk was an early advocate for this, especially within soft drinks and juices, and that has solidified their position as a pioneer of organic power.

Although the story resembles a fairy-tale from the wild, the visual identity did not tell the whole story. The entire universe needed rejuvenation. When updating the portfolio, it was with great respect for the brand’s roots and early vision. Today, you understand what it means to be in harmony with nature just by looking at the bottle.

“Nature is both exciting and refreshing, and we feel that the new designs truly reflect this. EVERLAND has succeeded in giving each product character but still maintaining a language that ties all the products together as one family.””

Tørk Furhauge, CEO at Naturfrisk