Fill, Burn

Since 1981, Nupo has helped countless people regain control over their weight. Their well-documented and efficient products are developed in collaboration with doctors and have won numerous awards throughout the years.

To strengthen Nupo’s position on both a Danish and international market, we worked together on a new brand strategy and design. The revised product- and communication architecture was made to create coherency with room for each product’s individuality in terms of communication and design.

The new design highlights the product drivers of efficiency and convenience combined with scientific documentation and a Nordic lifestyle. We brought more functionality to the design in a packaging design that is appealing, contemporary and accessible.

The result is a design that takes something complex and makes the whole weight control process more accessible and less frightening.

Nupo grew the category by 23% following the launch of the new design, an expanded product line and an increased price point.

“At Nupo, we are very pleased with the work EVERLAND has done. It will help us bring new life to a category that has been standing still for some time. The new design brings pride internally and has helped us regain the courage and ambitions that have previously defined Nupo. We are ready to take on the world.”

— Peter Weidelheim, CEO at Nupo