A Case of

We live in a time of contrasts. The paradox of untouched nature vs. modern conveniences. It’s a fine balance to meet modern demands, and deliver on pure, untouched nature. But it is not impossible. Olden, Norway, is one of the few places on Earth, where you can find harmony between natures’ supply and human demand.

From a solid glacier, snow and ice are transformed into the purest mineral water, drop by drop. It is then tapped in the small village of Olden amidst nature’s overwhelming greatness. Revered among locals and appreciated by consumers, it’s just like the locals say: a source of goodness.

The result is pure mineral water filtered for thousands of years, virtually untouched by man. It is simply bottled and flavoured to embrace the contrasts of contemporary life. To mimic this symbiosis of contrasts a combination of sharp edges and soft curves was made for the new bottle and packaging design.

The result captivates the beauty, balance, and eternal conflict between man and nature.