Every Dive

Deliverables: Brand Strategy, Brand Platform, Visual Identity

It has never been easier to directly impact the well-being of the ocean by just going underwater. As a producer of dive cameras, Paralenz’s true objective was to engage with a worldwide community of more than 25 million divers. They wanted to confront environmental indifference and inspire people to speak for the ocean as a natural part of the dive.

“Any real change is a collective effort. Through empowering divers across the globe, we will help reverse the steep decline of life beneath the surface. Dive by dive.”

Martin Holmberg, CPO & Co-founder of Paralenz

To Paralenz, the world begins where the recognizable stops; below the surface. Paralenz makes dive cameras suited for life underwater. A free app. connected to your camera allows for data to submission to Ocean Researchers in real-time from all around the world.

This genius approach of combining the diving experience and the ocean’s wellbeing also needed to be captured in the identity. The graphical solution shows the organic, colorful ever-shifting life in the surf. The fine line separating the two worlds, above and below water, was the obvious place to start the inspiring tale of Paralenz.

“It is hard to find a creative agency that is genuinely curious about its client’s authentic identity. EVERLAND manages to strike the balance of understanding your audience, creating beautiful and highly creative solutions that are commercially viable. We are no less than proud of our new visual identity and confident it will make a significant change.”

Erikha Harket, Chief Marketing Officer at Paralenz