Finding the
Missing Piece

Deliverables: Brand Positioning, Brand Platform, Creative Concept, Playbook

Too many options get in the way of the fun. It sounds counter-intuitive, but creativity thrives with boundaries to bounce off/on. Therefore, the Danish toymaker Plus-Plus hasn’t changed its dimensions one millimetre since its birth in the early 1980s. However, the internal understanding of what Plus-Plus is or could be has developed in different directions through the years. Depending on who you asked, the core narrative would change and often conflict with each other. Obviously, something had to be done. Plus-Plus reached out, and together, we worked on getting the brand story right and the positioning straight.

Connecting the Pieces

To move forward, we had to fully grasp the lay of the land. So, we began with interviews internally and externally, gathering info, insights and ideas to define the road ahead. We spoke with people selling the toys, the consumers buying them, and, of course, those actually engaging and playing with them. Patterns emerged. We needed to make a narrative everybody could get on board with and one that would also stand out in a fiercely competitive toy market.

The brand platform started to take shape. We helped clarify value propositions, brand essence, narrative and key messages and prioritised the target audience. All the strategic considerations that make the tactical executions so much easier and effective. Especially when everyone is now pulling in the same direction.

“The outcome depends on the input and those involved. It was a real pleasure to work with people who had an affection for our product and brand. Armed with curiosity and creativity, they were able to find the right ideas within a sea of ideas.”

Ryan Hamilton, CEO at Plus-Plus USA

We Play to Win

With the strategy in place, Plus-Plus has the creative and commercial platform to set its potential free. The brand narrative is simple, straight to the point and easy to share. Most importantly, it is being used daily and is not just tucked away in a drawer. Plus-Plus now has a clear market position, brand platform and creative concept, all of which affect their Go-To-Market strategy, communications, and everything else, helping to tell the story of creativity and playing free.

“With our story and position in place, we’re all on the same page. We’re on the right track for success in all our markets and the ones yet to be conquered. EVERLAND's experience and dedication to consumer branding were crucial for this outcome. It helps us stay on-brand while steering towards commercial growth.”

Gabriel Sturm, Commercial Director at Plus-Plus