Always Unlike
Everyone Else

Deliverables: Brand Platform, Portfolio Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Brand Activation


Pentawards 2023 Silver Winner, Brand New Feature, The Dieline Feature, The Brand Identity Feature,

Redzepi, Picasso and Che Guevara – revolutionist, rulebreaker and rebel. They made the impossible possible. They went with their gut feeling and took great risks to create something new, something original. Something to remember. The ambitions were enormous, and that’s the thing about rebels. They never shy away from a challenge. Danish juice company REBÆL is no exception.

The Visionary and the Creator

REBÆL is the tale of the energetic entrepreneur and the sophisticated sommelier. They each share a love for the creative process and ambition to create a taste experience “extraordinaire”. They wholeheartedly believe experimenting is the path to success: no manual, no recipe, just pure intuition, craftsmanship and passion, borderline crazy perfectionist.

Juice can be much like art. It can be more than just squeezed fruit – if you do it right. And every single bottle from REBÆL is treated like a piece of art. Whether it’s their high-end (gastro) juices, soft lemonades, refreshing ice teas, or ready-to-drink cocktails, they are made with passion and brought to life to open minds and broaden horizons.

Rebel by Night, Rebel by Day.

Whether it’s night or day, you’re always in for a tasting experience when you pick REBÆL. As the juices flow, your thoughts follow suit. The design is alive, complex, yet straightforward. It reflects the flavours and fits the occasion. Collages on the bottles spark associations, create tension, release, and marvel through contrasts.

From the first sip to the final “ahh”, you’re part of a rebellion. Challenging conventions, being authentic and producing enriching tastes. Because life is not meant to be experienced from the back seat. True rebels take the wheel.

“The team at EVÉRLAND helped us distil our brand into the very essence of who we are. They took our uncompromising nature to heart. They embraced our experimenting ways of creating beverages and turned them into a really distinctive design. Today, we look, taste, and act like no one else in the category. A huge thank you for creating a next-level, artful and uncompromising design universe.”

Emil Døi van Dijk Thorborg, Founder & Owner of Rebæl