REMA 1000 Norway


Deliverables: Brand Architecture, Brand Platform, Packaging Redesign, Brand Realisation


Vertex Award 2023 Winner x 3, The Dieline Feature, Brand New Feature, Kampanje Feature,

Since 1979, REMA 1000 has been Norway’s leading retailer of quality goods at low prices. The brand impacts everyday life with thousands of products and hundreds of stores across the country. As an integral part of many Norwegians’ daily routine, we helped revisit REMA 1000’s position, identity, and extensive brand portfolio of brands, including their very own private label: ®. And it’s paying off already.


at Vertex Awards 2023 in the Frozen Food category

Silver x 2

at Vertex Awards 2023 in the International/Specialty Food and for the overall rebrand.

Everyday Essentials

REMA 1000’s position is one of inclusion. It ensures everyone can afford good quality products by offering more for less. From the products you use every single day to the ones, you use on occasion. A one-stop point of shopping for conscious consumers.

“At REMA 1000, the consumer is the boss. We included them in every decision along the way as we worked with store owners, managers and executives to create a brand- and customer experience that reflects the Norwegian shoppers' needs and values. The result is a strategic brand architecture, with its own strong brands and a new private master brand that represents the new REMA 1000 proposition in-store and at product level.”

Christian Halsted, Executive Strategic Director & Founding Partner, EVERLAND

The Brands You Love.
The Products You Need.

REMA 1000’s updated brand portfolio is based on simplicity, honesty, and value. The revised brand architecture with fewer but stronger brands ensures a better competitive edge and creates a smooth shopping experience.

And it’s paying off. After six months in the market, the private-brand share is growing, with new sales records every month.

“EVERLAND's talent, combined with humbleness, allows them to merge our values with consumer needs. We are very satisfied with the partnership, and we’re proud of the result so far, which will strengthen our position as Norway’s leading discount store.”

Hilde H. Jentoft, Leader of Design and Private Brands, REMA 1000