Synnøvé Brunost

A Tale of Norwegian
Female Entrepreneurship

Deliverables: Packaging Redesign, Illustrations and Artwork.

Pioneering and hard-working. Synnøve Finden took a chance when she founded a cheese factory under her name back in 1928. Now, nearly a century later, the factory is Norway’s second-largest supplier of quality cheese and yoghurt. We helped rejuvenate and future-proof two beloved Synnøve products; their Norwegian Brunost (brown cheese) Gudbrand and Fløtemys (whey cheese).

In the first four weeks of 2023, we achieved these results


Growth of sales in stores


Market share growth in brown cheese segment

“Using our past, we strengthen the present and look to the future. EVERLAND helped us take back the position as a serious player in the market. It was a confidence-building process, and the result speaks for itself. Synnøve Brunost is back!”

Cathrine Myrvang, Marketing Director at Scandza

Make Cheese Cool Again

Brunost is a classic in Norway. Most likely found in parents’ and grandparents’ refrigerators. Synnøve’s challenge was to keep existing fans while recruiting new ones. The design had to express relevance and originality.

The answer was found in the logo of Synnøve. We wanted to bring out her determination and trailblazer spirit. She is the embodiment of female power, so we placed her front and centre. Meanwhile, the colours and wood carving-inspired illustration nod towards Synnøve’s Norwegian legacy. So, every time you pick up a Synnøve Brunost, you enjoy a bite of the tasteful tale of successful Norwegian entrepreneurship. Well done, Synnøve Finden!

Growing in Popularity

The rejuvenated story is catching on with the Norwegians. In the first four weeks of 2023, sales in stores grew by +40% compared to the same time last year. As a consequence, Synnøve has taken an additional 3% market share of the brown cheese segment.

“Synnøve showed the world how far persistence and ingenuity could take you. The values are embedded in the new design to inspire us every time we reach for a slice of cheese.”

Rikke Hatlo, Design Director at EVÉRLAND OSLO