Tasaki. A Tradition of Timeless Elegance.

Tasaki is a Japanese luxury jewellery brand known for its quality pearls. The company’s roots were in the culturing of pearls before it turned to jewellery making. This tradition has always served Tasaki well, but the brand perception didn’t help Tasaki become relevant with modern and internationally aware shoppers. Tasaki thus looked to rejuvenate the brand and make it a leader in the luxury goods category for a younger clientele.

Everland and Kontrapunkt’s design solution has been applied throughout Tasaki, from business cards to signage and packaging. The colours and concept of the packaging have been applied to the flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo, where a facade of layered glass creates a subtle and sensitive atmosphere that truly reflects the re-shaped brand. Tasaki is now perceived as a relevant modern luxury choice within its target group, and has positioned itself as a player among the world’s largest and most successful jewellery brands.

Distinctly Japanese, yet courageously international.