Toms Guld Barré

As Good
as Gold

Deliverables: Packaging Redesign, Brand Activation


The Dieline Feature

To say Toms Guld Barre, is a Danish icon is almost an understatement. Born in 1932, the iconic chocolate bar in gold packaging is now a regular on every candy shelf and synonymous with quality, taste, and good times. A chocolate gold standard, so to speak.

Fast forward 90 years, and Toms is ready to give their chocolate classic a new lease of life. We were brought in to make a new design that would revitalise the brand legacy and make it contemporary. So, we rolled up our sleeves to test, tweak and design.

Results since launch in mid-August 2022 until December 2022.


Value growth


Penetration increase


Increased brand consideration by 5 %-p, and ​​11% were among new consumers

Top 3

Now, among the three largest chocolate
bar series in Denmark.

“EVÉRLAND’s track record of redesigning Danish icons made us confident in choosing them. They understood our brand history, position and ambition which they condensed into a design that truly rejuvenates the Guld Barre brand.”

Sabine Wahl, Nordic Marketing Manager at Toms Group A/S

A Taste of History

What makes Guld Barre unique is its heritage, shape and mouth-watering chocolate. So, we introduced a new logotype with hints to the original design, amplified the taste appeal with vibrant colours and created an efficient design system, so consumers can easily find their favourite flavour. The stripes reflect the original chocolate bar shape, which together with it’s satisfying chocolate crack has been brought back.

“Gold. It’s exclusive. Aspirational. Sparks the imagination. Kind of like Toms Guld Barre. Working with a Danish icon is humbling and exciting, and I believe we truly achieved a design ready to last another century. It’s the rebirth of a classic.”

Jonathan Faust, Design Director at EVÉRLAND

‘Crack’ the Communication

Once the design was done, we got to work on the brand activation. Building on the familiar Guld Barre colours, typography and stripes, we created an energetic system that shows off the new design and creates strong cues to taste and flavour. It’s how you stay popular and loved for more than 90+ years.

Golden Growth

Since its launch in mid-August 2022 until December 2022, Toms Guld Barre has been welcomed with open consumer arms. NielsenIQ reports a value growth of 119%, a penetration increase of 68.8% and increased brand consideration by 5 %-p to 48% compared to the same time last year. This means that Toms Guld Barre is now in the top three among large chocolate bar series in Denmark compared to last year. It’s a golden rebrand story.