No brand can prevent change, but daring
brands use it
provoke good growth.

Uncertain times call for daring brands – fuelled by uncommon perspectives, fierce collaboration, creative courage, and uncompromising craft.

EVERLAND is a consumer brand and design agency working with strategy, innovation, creativity, and consumer experiences to provoke good growth.

With clients in 17 markets and offices in Copenhagen, and Oslo, our work has a Scandinavian touch and a global reach.

Creativity Has Its Price

We’re open to entering creative pitches, but only under fair conditions. Here’s why:

Value for Money: We strive to create value in each strategic thought, creative idea, and design sketch we produce. They’re born from our team’s expertise and hours of hard work. It’s only fair to get what you pay for.

Quality Over Quantity: We’re in the business of creating bespoke solutions. Unpaid pitches often encourage a quantity-over-quality approach, where the focus shifts from crafting the best solution to churning out as many good-looking ideas as possible.

Mutual Respect: We see our client relations as partnerships. And in any good partnership, there’s mutual respect. By saying no to unpaid pitches, we’re advocating for the respect that will be the foundation for our future collaboration.

Great creativity has its price, and we promise, it will be worth every penny!

Specialism Doesn’t Come Easy

To remain at the forefront of consumer branding, packaging design and graphic implementation, we work with ambitious brands of many shapes and sizes. Our no-exclusivity policy keeps our work fresh and project teams on top of the latest category developments. All with absolute confidentiality.

Business Ethics and Data Protection Policies

We support the ten principles of United Nations Global Compact, which are all incorporated in our business ethics and policies.
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Please find our data protection policies here:
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