A Challenger in Blüm. A Brand New Beverage by Danone UK.

Consumers increasingly look for active, natural functionality from their beverages. A new water brand, Blüm, by Danone UK is the answer to those needs. Enriched with grape seed extract and zinc, Blüm is made for those of us who believe that you are what you drink.

Blüm targets the UK market and is an independent brand within the Danone family. An important part of the brand building, as it gave our team the opportunity to look at the market from the outside-in and develop Blüm as a challenger within the category. Not just as another flavoured water, but as a health drink that is full of life, optimism and goodness. A drink that doesn’t just promise to cover your functional needs but inspires the “always-on” generation to take on life with a cheerful attitude.

We worked closely with Danone UK to develop the new local brand through storytelling, design, tone of voice and creative copy. The Blüm design emphasises the natural aspects of the product and aims to create a category-language of its own. All inspired by the payoff: Open Your Life.

Be good to yourself and grab a bottle of Blüm next time you’re in the UK.