Finally, a Taste for Everyone

Aqua d’Or is cheering for inclusivity. The Danone-owned water brand in Denmark just aired its new campaign focusing on its diverse portfolio of beverages, simultaneously presenting its new communications platform. Both of which we helped create.

The new campaign, A Taste for Everyone – “hver sin smag”, is aired across Denmark on social media, outdoors, radio and TV. Sound agency Unmute helped with audio effects, music and speak for the new campaign.


Positioning Aqua d’Or with each new campaign

The new communication brings attention to community and inclusivity. It stays true to the Aqua d’Or brand essence of flowing your way and being open-minded to different ways of living.

“Inclusivity is a topic close to the heart of Aqua d’Or,” adds Line Giessing Jørgensen, Head of Marketing at Aqua d’Or. “We’re excited to go live with the new communication platform. The new campaign is the first step in a long-term plan to strengthen Aqua d’Or’s position in the market and create the foundation for future communication initiatives.”

Aqua d’Or has become bigger than water in recent years. Today, you can find an Aqua d’Or product for any kind of mood as its portfolio spans water, Sparkles, Ice Tea and, recently, Ice Coffee. We used the diverse portfolio as an engine for brand activation tied together with the slogan “A taste for everyone”. This also portrays the values of our brand; inclusiveness at heart, progressive and always pushing for positive change.


A long-lasting creative collaboration.

Eight years ago, Aqua d’Or and EVERLAND first joined forces. Back then, we helped the water brand with a new visual identity, packaging design and bottle design. Since then, we have worked together on packaging design for later product launches.

“Aqua d’Or is a courageous client that truly understands the value of a strong brand,” comments Emilie Aagreen, Client Director at EVERLAND. “We’re proud to continue collaborating and help with Aqua d’Or’s brand activation so the Danish brand creates synergy across strategy and tactics.”

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