Gather Around the Table for Tapas

Danes are drawn to the Mediterranean tapas. With its “poco” dishes and social aspect, tapas encourage sharing and bonding over food.

Danish food conglomerate Stryhns wanted to contribute to this growing trend and provide a convenient way for Danes to arrange their tapas meal. We helped conceptualise, name and design the new series of products.

Stryhns’ new series, Tapas Favoritter, unites its popular brands, building on consumer familiarity to attract existing fans and the ones soon-to-be. All wrapped up in a friendly and simple design that communicates Danish quality and togetherness.

“The spirit of tapas, sharing and informal, manifested in the design process as well,” adds Christian Halsted, Strategy Director & Founding Partner at EVERLAND. “We collaborated with Stryhns on a timely and inviting series of products. And with a process, spanning strategy and design, the result has market-fit and adds to Stryhns’ position in the minds and hearts of consumers.”