Pentawards for Syngja. EVÉRLAND Wins International Award with Danish Start-up.

With a category-defining design, our work for Danish juice start-up Syngja has won a Silver Pentawards.

Syngja produces juices enriched with vitamin B12 and protein from something as unusual as crickets. With a Pentaward, innovative products like this can really benefit from international exposure and acknowledgement.

“Syngja is really interesting. In essence, it is juice as we know it, but as they add crickets, everything changes from the perspective of the consumer,” adds Executive Strategy Director & Founding Partner, Christian Halsted. “That is why we wanted to come up with a design that bridges the gap between the new and the familiar. Something that made it unique, yet accessible.”

For the Danish beverage start-up, EVÉRLAND had to imagine a new product category, which gave us the creative freedom to try something new.

See the full case study for our Syngja design