Success Is a Team Effort – Introducing our Associate Managers

As EVELAND grows and our projects get more complicated, we’re excited to have the team grow with us. To strengthen our agency setup and client relations, EVERLAND proudly presents five new Associate Managers who will join the extended management group, lead accounts, and help build the agency from within.

“This change will make our agency more agile and strengthen our client relationship. As we continue to grow, we need to be more strategic about our processes and resources, and our Associate Managers are key to this challenge. They will help us be able to take the decisive actions that keep the ball rolling and make our client’s projects a success.”
Thomas Gamst, CEO & Founding Partner at EVERLAND

The new Associate Managers are Rikke Hatlo (Design Director), Frederik Sommer (Strategy Lead), Emilie Aagreen (Client Director), Alexander Freiling (Artwork Manager) and Silje Haukaas (Senior Client & Operations Manager).