Tying the Family Together with Our Exchange Programme

Søren just got back, and now Jin is going away. The EVERLANDers are currently enjoying our Exchange Programme here at the agency. A coworker can live and work from another EVERLAND office for a couple of weeks. An initiative sparking inspiration, strengthening the culture and making collaboration more smooth.

“Culture eats strategy, as the saying goes. And being physically together is the best food for culture,” Mikael Tonning, Executive Design Director & Founding Partner at EVERLAND, adds. “Despite being a short stay, we hear and experience how the exchange programme brings people together, improving our communication and creative output.”

Shake Up the Routine and Gain a Fresh Perspective

“Routines are a double-edged sword”, Søren Danielsen, Senior Motion Designer at EVERLAND, adds. “Sometimes, you need to break out of the routines to open up yourself to new inputs. And going to Oslo certainly helped me do that.”

Søren spent four weeks in Oslo at our local office. Despite being an advocate of the digital nomad life, he also knows the benefit of being physically in a room with his colleagues.

“Very often, great creative input occurs spontaneously. You hear something out of your left ear, and then you can use it, tweak it, work on it together, and achieve an even better creative solution. And that only happens organically, it can’t be forced through Zoom video calls.”

Nurture the Culture

“Being in the same room has so many benefits,” Mikael continues. “For example, our daily check-ins on Google Meet get better because we better understand our colleagues in other countries.”

With offices across Scandinavia, we do everything possible to strengthen the EVERLAND spirit and bonds. It’s hard work, as Mikael puts it, “but it’s the only way to bring in fresh perspectives, secure everyone’s well-being and spark happiness.”